Smart Parking Lot

A project for ECE 189 - Computer Engineering Capstone led by Professor Isukapalli at UC Santa Barbara

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Team Members

The Problem

Drivers spend too much time in parking lots trying to find an open space to park in. Many parking lots only have per-floor capacity indicators, and existing solutions are prohibitively expensive.

What if we could utilize low-cost sensors and a companion application to navigate drivers to empty parking spots faster, at a low cost to facility owners?

Project Overview

The goal of this project is to design a smart parking lot that will direct drivers to the nearest open parking space in an efficient, accurate, and clean manner.

We accomplish this using:

Technical Details

For a more detailed description, please take a look at our project presentation slides.

System Overview

System Overview

Application Scene

Application Scene

Block Diagram

Sensor Unit Assembly

Firmware Block Diagram

Sensor Unit PCB Design

The raw Kicad design files can be found in the pcb-design folder in our repo.

PCB Schematic (as PDF)

PCB Schematic (as PNG Image)


GUI Screenshots

Driver User Interface:

Mobile UI

Editor User Interface:

Editor UI

Code Repositories

Project Progress Updates

Initial Design

Milestone 1

Milestone 2

Fall Quarter Review Presentation

Winter Quarter Review Presentation

Final Poster

Final Presentation